Why should I hire you?

Everyone has different needs, so you want an agent that will adapt to your needs and should avoid choosing an agent solely based off experience. Experience is important, but you will also be spending a lot of time with your agent and having good chemistry is essential. I will have your best interests at heart and I only work with clients that are honest and have integrity. 

How long have you been an agent?

I received my Texas Real Estate license in August 2018 working with Keller Williams. I wanted to learn more about construction, so I began working in new home sales for Taylor Morrison selling the Darling Homes brand. I sold new homes in 4 different cities from 2019 - 2020. This will be my 3rd year selling homes full-time.

How many homes do you help buyers purchase each year? How many homes, total, do you help close?

In 2020, I sold 21 homes totaling over 10 million dollars in sales and I closed anywhere from 1 - 5 homes per month.

Do you work full-time or part-time as an agent?

I am a full time agent investing into building my own real estate business and personal brand. I also am narrowly tailored to working on buying and selling homes. I do not perform any leasing or locating services, however with my multifamily background I am very knowledgeable in that area.

Can I see your real estate license.

My license number is 0710381 and you can search any license holder at www.trec.texas.gov

Will I be working with you individually or a team?

You will be working primarily with me, but other agents or assistants may assist me with things like open houses.

How does your commission work?

Typically in Texas, Sellers pay commission fees to the broker and the broker pays the agent. The standard commission for a real estate transaction is usually 6% of the final sale price (due at closing) and split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Remember the goal is to net the most money at closing, not find the cheapest agent.

Will you attend the home Inspection?

I will typically attend home inspections, but I am unable to guarantee that I can be present for all inspections. Either way I will review all inspection reports and contact inspectors for any concerns about the report. Home inspection reports are generally easy to read and the home inspector will highlight major issues. 

Do I have to sign a contract and is their a cancellation penalty?

I love helping people purchase homes and will commit a lot of time and effort to help you sell your current home or find your new home and get the best deal, so I do ask my VIP clients to do a simple representation agreement with me agreeing to work exclusively with each other.

Do you pay for referrals?

I will pay a 25% referral commission to licensed/eligible agents. Unlicensed individuals are only allowed to receive a non-cash gift of $50 or less, so I can get you a gift card to your favorite restaurant or take you out for dinner after the closing.