New Home Sales Manager to Full Time Real Estate Agent – My First Two Weeks

Here we are on day 11 and let me start off by saying that getting everything set up is a lot of work, but it feels different when you are doing it for you and not someone else's company. I haven't landed my first client yet so, what have I done on my first 11 days? Basically, I stare at my 3 computer monitors between sleep breaks as I build my business foundation online and tweak my work processes.

Since I already had my license; I just needed to reactivate it which cost me just under $800 for my annual realtor dues and my monthly access dues to open these supra key boxes. Next, I had to take a three-hour long ethics class which was online, and I love that, but my Internet modem also decided to die that day, so I spent one whole day just doing Internet troubleshooting and knocking out this ethics class, so naturally my first two weeks working for myself felt just like I was at any other job.

I started building my website around 5:00 AM on Monday morning and it has literally taken me all week to build a professional looking site, but I am becoming increasingly more happy with my work and had some friends help me tweak it today. I built my site using Wix and it is pretty easy to use, but very time consuming. I'm glad I worked through it so I have a better understanding, but next time I'm paying someone else to do that like I just paid a professional to tweak my SEO. In addition to building my website as my hub, I also created a Facebook business page, converted my Instagram into a business account, started a Snapchat business account, and got started with TikTok. TikTok's organic reach is on fire and the app is still so fresh that there is not even an option to link it to a Facebook business page and I had to add a custom logo to link TikTok in my Wix website.

I have mainly been focusing on Facebook & Instagram marketing. I have already posted 2 ads last week and just posted 2 more to run through next week. Now that my website is active, I ran a $50 ad at $10 a day on Facebook just to promote the website and scale clicks. I also ordered a promo video on Fiverr for about $65 which I just got back today, so I just posted that on Facebook with a 5 day ad for $100 in a 35-mile radius. I am excited to see how this video does since I am not in it except for a photo at the end, but it looks professional and adds some excitement on my landing page, so I am going to keep it up for February.

I am gaining more confidence that my branding and marketing efforts will pay off especially since I haven't received any negative feedback on my ads yet. I can't wait to pull this blog up when I'm on day 100 of this journey. As of the time I write this, I have had 52 people visit my website and my ads have reached over 2,000 people with 130 engagements. If you have any tips please post in the comments.

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